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About Us
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Thank You for selecting ZETTS TRI-STATE FISH HATCHERY for your pond or lake stocking needs.  Please read our catalog carefully to cover the cost of the containers.  We will give your order our special attention, but please bear with us on the time involved as fish only spawn at certain times of the year.  Certain sizes are available at certain times of the year also.

We sell the finest quality fish available and they are properly handled and packed to assure you that your fish are in excellent condition for stocking.

We hope to please you with your order and in doing so, hope to be favored in your future orders.


We produce fine quality northern grown fish at our hatchery and farm.  Our fish grow and thrive in both Northern and Southern Waters.  The fish are expertly harvested, packed, and shipped or delivered to assure you of fine, healthy fish.  Our low overhead also gives us the chance to sell our fish at the best prices.

Our customers come back to us every year.  Our fish are recommended by biologists and soil conservations all over the United States.

Truck Delivery:  We guarantee live delivery to your pond or lake.  After the fish are released into your water our responsibility ceases as the conditions and factors in ponds are beyond our control.

UPS and Air Shipments:  We guarantee 90% of your fish to arrive alive on normal 2 day UPS Shipments or direct air shipments.  Guarantee is void if there is air transfers or delays in your shipments.  Shipments are insured for this; carrier accepts responsibility.  If fish arive on schedule and are dead we will replace the original order once.  On any replacement order, the customer is responsible for cost of freight containers.  Zetts Tri-State Fish Hatchery is never responsible for more than the value of the fish.

Our fish are professionally packed for the time involved in Air and U.P.S. Shipments.  We have shipped fish successfully all over the United States and to foreign countries.

We have trucks designed to deliver fish long distances.  Our truck tanks are insulated and are equipped with compartments on each truck and air to haul each species properly.  Our truck deliveries are reasonably priced.  This is one of the best ways to transport large fish, or large orders.  Please contact our office for current delivery prices.

To order a complete catalog send $2.00 to Zetts Fish Hatchery with the name and address you wish it to be sent to.